The Artists Circle of the West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Le Cercle des Artistes de la Banlieue Ouest

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Sandra Benedetti Rosser
Born in Montréal, Québec, my interest in drawing began at a tender age, oddly enough through ballet, my attention more intent on capturing my teacher pirouetting about in her colored leotards than in learning pliés.
In my teens, I took private oil painting lessons, and later, during my professional career, kept my interest in art alive with occasional painting courses.
Recently, I began a journey to rediscover my preferred mediums – soft pastel, oil and watercolor. I have attended sketching workshops with Sharon Fox Cranston and Shari Blaukopf and oil painting with Numael Pulido, and studied watercolor with May Landerman, oil portraiture under Steven Rosati, and soft pastels with Mélissa Breault.

Morning walk
9" x 12" Pastel
Reflections: Mom at 90
24" x 20" Oil
Rather be Sailing
9" x 12" Pastel