The Artists Circle of the West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Le Cercle des Artistes de la Banlieue Ouest

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Ruth Cunningham
I am currently a resident of Pierrefonds. I have studied with several well-known artists and have exhibited my paintings locally.

I paint in oils and acrylics, and my main focus is to portray the beauty or nostalgia that I see, and always to present my own positive perception of life. I enjoy painting landscapes, animals, dancers and portraits.

As a teenager I wanted to be an artist. At the time, it was considered to be a poor career choice. So instead I studied finance and management to be an Insurance and Mutual Fund Broker. As a hobby, I learned and then taught choreographed ballroom for 25 years.

Since I retired, I've been able to more fully realize my artistic passion.

Ami and Evan
24" x 18" Oil

Autumn at Centennial Park
24" X 30" Oil

24" x 36" Oil