The Artists Circle of the West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Le Cercle des Artistes de la Banlieue Ouest

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May Landerman
May was first introduced to art in upstate New York. In the mid-eighties, she transitioned to watercolours and began educating herself under noted painters from the Lakeshore and Ontario Communities. Since then she has learned to express herself, painting in watercolour, acrylic, oil and mixed media. Constantly learning and through working experience she has come to the realization about the importance and the effect of light in her paintings.
Her art can be found in private collections in Europe, Asia and North America. She has also won art awards. May also shares her love for painting by volunteering her time in the Arts Plus Therapy Programme at C.H.S.L.D. Bayview.
May is Past President of the Association and a Member of Dorval and Dollard Artist Associations.

La Malbaie
20" X 16" Acrylic

Laurentians in autumn
20" x 32" Acrylic

Autumn spendour
27" x 21" Acryliqc