The Artists Circle of the West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Le Cercle des Artistes de la Banlieue Ouest

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22" x 30" Mixed Media
Ever since I can remember, I was always interested in landscape photography, at the colors when shooting for the best photo, looking at the beauty of the Canadian landscape and during trips taken with my family. My ancestors came from the Lower St Lawrence, St-Irénée, a little village situated on top of the mountains of Charlevoix, St Anne de la Pocatière, where my father was born. They were living in the center of one of the most beautiful villages in the East coast of Canada, thus making myself an adept landscape viewer. I was spending the summer time helping my grandfather on his farm in the region of Charlevoix, and I was seeing every day the Belugas playing together in the distance, because the farm was on the north side of the river, on the high side of the Charlevoix region. Born in Montreal, my study in aeronautics gave me some tools in industrial drafting, and the concept of perspective. Thereafter, it is the courses taken with different watercolor teachers that gave me the basic knowledge to pursue this beautiful activity. Barbara Simmons, Donna McGee, Gordon Hincks, Shernya Vininsky, Pat Dews, were those mentors who helped me develop further this vision of life.

Today I am taking advantage of all my past experience and courses taken, to practice and do that beautiful hobby, and the chance to share it with others.

Peggy's Cove
8" x 11" Watercolour

15" x 11" Watercolour

Colorado Mountains
11" x 15" Watercolour