The Artists Circle of the West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Le Cercle des Artistes de la Banlieue Ouest

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Lise Pigeon
I was born in Montreal. Ever since I can remember, I loved to admire nature with its flowers and animals. I chose to be an artist at a very young age but could only start to fulfill my dream many years later. While being a primary school teacher, I studied at night under well-known artists . Now, being a retiree, I live my passion of art to its fullest.

I paint in watercolor and acrylic. I participate in many exhibitions in the West Island and in Montreal. I also teach children the techniques of drawing and watercolor.

Freshly Picked
21" x 17" Watercolour

Moose in Denali Park
25" X 21" Watercolour

12" X 12" Watercolor