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Michelle Tremblay
Native of Guelph, Ontario; resident of Lachine for 30 years. Nurse by profession; graduated from Hôtel-Dieu hospital, 1966. Interested in art since 1987. Painting became my refuge and expressionn of my soul. 1987. I have captured a fascination on winter, the glowing colours on ice, the fantasy of colours on snow, nature and reflections since 2001 which I introduced in some of my works. I have been teaching children for 5 years, and at the Centre d'acceuil in Lachine since retirement in 2007. I have been volunteering in painting recreation programs for 5 years at Bayview Hospital.

Art is the expression of beauty and admiration of what exists and the amazing reflections in our soul.

Teaching at: 535 Destination Art Dorval, Québec
Children's art classes on Saturdays from 14:00 to 16:00

La Comparsita
14" x 16" Watercolour

Under the stars
16" x 14" Mixed media

The North
16" x 14" Ice painting