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Donna McGee


Art keeps me sane. I like making it, seeing it and studying it in all its forms. Knowledge and mastery of the techniques of the various media I use is as important as the creativity – one feeds the other. Yet I love the surprises I get working in watercolour and liquid acrylics as much as the control I have using regular acrylic paint in more traditional viscosity. Both representational art and abstraction interest me. I love to draw the human figure even though the figure doesn't show up in my paintings, because the colours of landscape and nature have a strong pull on my aesthetic sense.


I teach drawing, watercolour and acrylic painting at the Galerie d'Art Pointe-Claire and the Dorval Cultural Centre, and participate in a few art groups, exhibiting with them now and then. In essence, art is my life, so I am exceedingly grateful to a very supportive husband, family and friends.



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