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Sandra Benedetti Rosser


Born in Montreal, Quebec, my interest in drawing and colour began at a tender age, oddly enough through ballet, my attention more intent on capturing my teacher pirouetting about in her colored leotards than in learning pliés. In my teens, I took private lessons and later, during my professional career, I kept my interest in art alive with occasional painting courses. Recently I began a journey to rediscover my preferred mediums – pastels, oils and watercolor – and found that my artistic voice is best expressed in the richness and vibrancy of pastels, through which I interpret the luminosity and harmony that I behold in nature.  

While I enjoy working in the quiet oasis of my studio, I treasure time spent painting plein air and urban sketching for connecting with the world around me. My travels, my city, my neighbourhood, women communing with nature, as well as special moments in the everyday, inspire my work.

My goal is to create a poetry of lines and colours, of lights and shadows, that captures the intimacy of a moment, a subject, a mood that inspired me, and that, I hope, resonates emotionally with as many viewers as possible

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