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Atmo Zakes


Atmo Zakes´ artist education started with a three-year professional 
visual arts/photography course at Cegep Vieux Montreal and continued with many art classes.

Atmo’s work has been represented in galleries, art association shows.                The first solo exhibit of watercolors and pencil was in Trausse, France 1995. Others followed at JAC in 2001, at gallery Sinfonia di Colori in 2014 and at Viva Vida. Her latest solo exhibit “Joy is Always Possible” (Jan 2019) showed a series of paintings, depicting happy childhood memories from post WWII Berlin. 

She has been experimenting with many different mediums over her 25-year career. Water colours,  dry pastels and mixed media including image transfers and collages. When she discovered water soluble oil paints, she fell in love and it became her favourite medium. She loves to paint people, animals and does commissioned work. Animal portraits and house portraits and more.

Video: Joy is Always Possible 


Telephone: 514-457-5942

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