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Sharing our passion for art since 1981 

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Come join us during the Journées de la Culture and participate in The COLLECTIVE PAINTING, a fun, unifying, & mobilizing activity for ALL ages! 

Our exhibition vernissage is on September 29th from 7pm to 9 pm.                More Exhibition details are on the poster below.

The COLLECTIVE PAINTING activity is on Sunday, October 1st from 10am to 4pm.


This activity brings together a collaboration of people who will mutually inspire each other to create a collective work of art. We also offer the participants a digital copy to display as they wish – as a desktop photo or in the home or office.

If this sounds intimidating, no worries! –a member artist of our group will be on site to guide each participant, to make sure to combine everyone's talent. In addition, the artist-guide will explain the concept to the participants and collect their names to mark their contribution to the work. We will also collect email addresses for those who wish to have a digital copy of the finished piece.

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